Work packages

The realization of the project requires work packages organized and broken up into a series of activities (attività realizzative – ‘AR’) decisively instrumental for correct and complete fulfilment of the initiative.

These activities are summarized below and are all coessential with regard to the goal of the orderly and cohesive execution of the planned works and of the achievement of the work packages according to anticipated performance or results levels.

Work Packages

AR IDWork Package
AR.1.1Photosynthetic reactor design
AR.1.2Realization of the plastic photosynthetic reactor

AR.1.3Operation of the photosynthetic reactor and complete system
AR.2.1Study of plastics to be employed in the photosynthetic reactor
AR.3.1Design and review of the separation system
AR.3.2Realization and exercise of the separation system
AR.4.1Design and review of the mixing system
AR.4.2Realization of the mixing system
AR.5.1Selection of algae species
AR.6.1Lipid extraction
AR.7.1Design and review of machinery for oil extraction and anaerobic digestion
AR.7.2Realization of machinery for oil extraction and anaerobic digestion
AR.8.1Design of CO2 collection and introduction system
AR.8.2Realization of CO2 collection and introduction system
AR.9.1Studies on culture media
AR.10.1Impact on agricultural/forest systems and expansion in the Mediterranean
AR.10.2(Non bureaucratic) coordination, publication of results, protection of intellectual property