Conference to present the results of the research

Event to present the results of the scientific research project on mass cultivation of microalgae to produce renewable energy and other products.

24 November 2015

University of Calabria Press Room.

The Conference opened with remarks from UniCal Pro-Rector Luigino Filice.

The results of the project were presented by research partners UniCal–University of Calabria, CUEIM (University Consortium of Industrial and Managerial Economics), CNR/Institute for Agricultural and Forest Systems in the Mediterranean, Dedalus, Olearia Villa Ada and led by Grafiche Femia.

The presentations by those who directly managed the activities demonstrated how the objectives were reached, especially in terms of biomass productivity. Algae, as shown by CNR, offer numerous benefits; they are simple organisms, are able to adapt to different growth conditions and can be grown all year long.

The project’s innovative features, pointed out in the opening remarks, relate in particular to the plastic used to construct the photobioreactor and in the subsystems realized by partner UniCal in collaboration with other scientific partners. The studies carried out for the use of algae for energy demonstrated their flexibility in other regions of the Mediterranean as well.

Because of its size, the system created can be compared to one on a semi-industrial level, unlike other research projects limited to laboratory experimentation. All the partners, considering the project’s excellent success, showed a desire to continue the research, which could open new opportunites in the use of these microorganisms, even in industries not related to renewable energy.


Algencal Conference Brochure


Report by dott. Stefano FemiaReport by dott. Giampietro Fuda
Report by prof. Giuseppe TorzilloReport by dott.ssa Loredana Bastone and dott.ssa Anna Lia Gabriele
Report by ing. Roberto BrunoReport by ing. Catia Lopresto
Report by ing. Fabio VenaReport by dott. Gabriele Buttafuoco
Report by dott. Teresa GranatoReport by dott. Roberto Merghi