National Research Council (CNR) – Institute for Agricultural and Forest Systems in the Mediterranean (ISAFoM)

What is it?

cnr isafomLeading Italian public research authority. ISAFoM is one of its branches and operates in Calabria and other locations.

What is its role in the project?

It conducted experiments to optimize the algae’s nutritional mechanism, including in terms of the entire cultivation system’s efficiency and the results of the experiment. It evaluated the impact of large-scale cultivation systems covering large surface areas on the ecosystem and on agricultural and forest systems. It also evaluated the possibility of expanding the initiative to other areas, for example to developing countries and especially those on the southern shores of the Mediterranean. In addition, it carried out educational activities connected with the specially created, related and interdependent educational project.

In summary: It studied methods for cultivating algae and evaluated the system’s impact on the ecosystem and on agriculture and forestry systems. It evaluated the possibility of replicating the system elsewhere, even abroad and especially throughout the rest of the Mediterranean Basin; it was responsible for handling such replication where applicable.