Grafiche Femia S.r.l.

What is it?

logo_leftGrafiche Femia is a small company from Calabria that currently produces mainly paper products.
It has been interested in environmental sustainability and renewable energy for several years and has built relationships with individual researchers and with scientific bodies, especially those in other regions.

What is its role in the project?

Grafiche Femia realized and housed the prototype system on its own land, conducted or assisted with experiments and field tests of the various components, ran the system with its own staff and conducted or supported tests of biomass handling, concentration and collection. It developed the innovative bioreactor, using recycled plastic where possible. The company takes an interest in the industrialization of the process and the potential for reproducing it on a larger scale.

In summary:
Developed, created and operated a new system for storing solar energy through photosynthesis, to meet the energy needs of manufacturing companies. The system has the potential to be moved and reproduced elsewhere in Southern Italy and possibly abroad.