Dedalus S.r.l.

What is it?

Logo_Dedalus55_t&b servDedalus is a small company with headquarters in Tuscany and an operational home office in Calabria. Time and experience have helped it to grow more solid technologically and as an organization. Today, it works mainly in telecommunications but has ever growing expertise in maintenance, mechanical work and carpentry for other sectors.

What is its role in the project?

It was responsible for the realization of the biomass handling system and its various components, for the control apparatus for biomass concentration using an innovative system of separation, for the algae collection and concentration system, for the CO2 collection and insufflation system, for the anaerobic digestion system and the energy conversion system for the liquid and gaseous combustibles. It selected the algae species for testing using innovative parameters focused not only on maximizing specific productivity, but above all on the functionality of the entire system, attentive to the bottlenecks that often hinder technological development. It selected the most suitable plastic materials and extrusion methods and also evaluated the reactor’s degenerative effects, including as dependent on exposure to the sun.

In summary: It developed the prototypes and special components for biomass handling and for its separation from the culture medium.