CUEIM (University Consortium of Industrial and Managerial Economics)

What is it?

Logo CUEIMCUEIM is a private, non-profit organization headquartered in Verona (Veneto), a small Italian university consortium devoted to study, research and projects in the fields of managerial economics, technical/engineering and, to a lesser extent, socio-economics. It unites no fewer than 26 universities located all over Italy and abroad. It also has permanent branches in Southern Italy, including, of course, Calabria.

Ente privato no profit di ricerca con sede centrale in Verona (Veneto). Consorzio Universitario italiano di piccola dimensione impegnato in studi, ricerche e progetti in ambito economico-manageriale, tecnico-ingegneristico e, più limitatamente, anche socio-economico. Riunisce ben 26 Università di tutt’Italia ed estere. Ha sedi stabili anche nel Mezzogiorno e, segnatamente, in Calabria.

What is its role in the project?

It was the project’s main technology sponsor and was responsible for finding the most critical expertise for the initiative. It carried out certain fundamental planning activities for the advanced energy system. In addition to tasks of non-bureaucratic coordination, it was involved with the fundamental aspect of economic assessment of the entire system; it carried out ex-ante evaluation of the costs and value of the various system solutions and of the individual components of the cycle, in order to orient technology choices toward solutions which, along with optimization of the cost/benefit balance and evaluation of the life cycle, would allow the project to be economically successful and to be expanded and replicated elsewhere. It also carried out educational activities connected with the specially created, related and interdependent educational project.

In summary: It functioned as technology sponsor and provided planning expertise and support for the management of the complete system. It coordinated the research activities and was responsible for dissemination of the results and for intellectual property.